Welcome to Recover Baltimore. Our program structure focuses on a path to recovery for the whole person—physical, spiritual, and emotional. Recover Baltimore offers two programs: RecoverU and Baltimore Youth Coalition.

Substance or behavioral – we have the help you have been searching for. Choose life change.

A recovery program for those seeking help to overcome any addiction or habit. We are a diverse community overcoming addiction and living free. Please note that children’s classes and nursery service is available.

Mentoring Baltimore youth as they strive to live their best life.

Our youth come from neighborhoods all over Baltimore. Some drive in, some come with groups from other programs, many we pick up in vans and buses. Our trained staff are ready to love, mentor, and take on any challenge from crisis to preventative; everyone is welcome.


What addictions does RecoverU assist with?

We understand that in the world we live in today, we are all struggling with something. RecoverU is designed to handle substance addictions which include meth, alcohol, cocaine, nicotine, heroin, crack, and opioids. Our staff is also equipped to assist in behavioral or mental health battles such as self-harm, anger, anxiety, eating disorders, gambling, depression and other unhealthy habits.

What can I expect from RecoverU?

When you begin our recovery program, you can expect:
• Relevant teaching with workbook materials
• Small group interaction and support
• Trained leaders with real-life experience
• Live inspiring stories of recovery each week
• One-on-one on-call supporters/sponsors

Why Baltimore Youth Coalition?

Baltimore Youth Coalition exists for youth of all ages and we are a viable resource for the families, communities, and schools that connect us to them.

How does Baltimore Youth Coalition work?

At the heart of our program is a 3T (teach, talk, and team) structure that engages our youth as they learn relevant life principles, talk through personal challenges in small groups, and build relationships through our immersive team activities.