Discipleship Program at Rosedale


Intentional. Authentic. Effective.

This nine-lesson, one-on-one discipleship program is designed to help you understand truths from God’s Word and cultivate a thirst for continued Biblical study. To become like Him, we must truly behold Him.

Take time with a mentor to walk through lessons like God’s Salvation and Overcoming Sin for encouragement and connection as you both seek to draw closer to Jesus and be as committed to the discipleship process as He was.


Connect with a fellow Christian and walk through our discipleship course together. Meet weekly to discuss the lessons.


Learn from the practical lessons included in our Foundations course. We walk through the basic, fundamental disciplines of Christianity.


After you have completed Foundations our challenge is to see you walk through it with someone else. The Gospel calls us to grow other disciples.


1. God's Salvation & Baptism

Lesson one walks through what God’s Word says about salvation and baptism. Examine key truths that walk through God’s gift to us.

2. Eternal Security

This lesson covers many questions believers can have about the security of their salvation. Read scripture related to eternal security and take and opportunity to discuss any questions with your mentor.

3. The Local Church

Lesson three walks through the structure and calling of the local church. We are a body of believers made up of many individual parts.

4. The Bible

Walk through a lesson that examines scripture from a variety of perspectives. Learn practical ways to study and apply God’s Word as you read.

5. Learning How To Pray

Study the biblical model of prayer. Learn how and why Christians are called to pray. Spend time with your mentor praying together and learning to talk to God.

6. The Witness Of A Believer

Christians are called to share the gospel with others. This lesson digs into the gospel and provides a clear way to share your faith with others around you.

7. Biblical Stewardship

Lesson seven looks at the command each believer has been given regarding stewardship. We each have gifts and resources that we should be using for the glory of God.

8. Overcoming Sin

Learn what scripture says about fighting temptation and overcoming your sin.

"I would not be who I am today. I would not be where I am today without the discipleship of the church."
Michael Eufemia