Learn how you can join the family


It is important to join together with like-minded people in the family of Christ. We want you to be fully connected to others within the RBC family as well. Joining the family is simple.

1. Attend our Starting Point class

Starting Point is an environment created to help you connect at Rosedale. You will enjoy a casual atmosphere, great food, and insightful information about Rosedale from the pastoral staff. This is the best way to learn about our ministry and help us learn more about you. You can visit our Starting Point class to sign up for the next available class.

2. Meet 1-on-1 with a pastor

After you learn more about RBC, we are sure you will have a few questions. Meeting with one of our pastors is the best way to learn more about the church and how you fit in with the family. These meetings are usually quick and casual. We want to get to know you even better. It is a special time to grow closer and make ourselves available for any questions you may have.

3. Membership presentation

After attending Starting Point and meeting with one of our pastors you will be presented for membership in one of our upcoming Sunday services. This is a great opportunity for the entire RBC family to celebrate together.


We cannot wait to have you join the family. Please take a brief moment to fill out this form and take your next step in becoming a member of the RBC family. Welcome home!