The staff at Rosedale exists to support the local church and reach the next one for Christ

The Team

Rosedale exists to proclaim the Word of God both in the Baltimore community as well as globally through the vision of Pastor Tewell. That starts on campus every Sunday.

Our leadership team has a genuine love for each and every person that visits our ministry. If you are new to Rosedale, you will find the staff and volunteers are kind and welcoming. If it is your first time visiting Rosedale please introduce yourself to one of our staff members and let them personally welcome you to the family.

Ryan Scott

Associate Pastor | Assimilation & Groups

Aaron Burden

Associate Pastor | Staff Care & Young Adults

Stephen Tewell

Assistant Pastor | Campus Development & Discipleship

Gib St. Jean

Assistant Pastor | Recovery Programs

Xavier Small

Assistant Pastor | Counseling, LGPC

David Stamp

Assistant Pastor | Missions & Visitation

Scott Winter

Associate Worship Director

Abby Smith

Rosedale Kids Director

Hannah Tewell

Director of Acquisition and Finance

Trisha Smith

Executive Assistant

Sarah Grant

Nursery Director

Ryan Doak

Communications Director

Nichole Roksiewicz

Media Team Lead

Joe Basta

Facilities Director

Christianity is not about following a set of rules, it is about building a relationship with Christ.
Pastor Scott Tewell