My Understanding

Forrest Snoddy   -  

Perspective is an interesting thing. Everyone has it. Everyone’s perspective is different, and our perspectives are always changing. Mine has shifted quite a large amount in recent months. My perspective went from attendee to volunteer, and now pastoral staff.

This change also applies to relationships. I have been single, have dated, and now I am married. God has blessed me with a wife and has given me a new perspective to adapt to, that of a husband. (Lord, help.) With each new perspective, we gain understanding. Understanding, while important, can be tricky. We find this explained clearly in scripture.


“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding .” 

– Proverbs 3:5


Most of us know the second part of that verse. We are not supposed to lean on our own understanding, yet we neglect the preface to that statement. There’s a semicolon there for a reason!


“Trust in the Lord”


Oftentimes we worry or rely on what voices are shouting around us. Our bosses, our

family, our friends, society in general; all coming from a limited perspective or isolated points of

view. However, using this scripture, we learn to turn to the Lord. This is where we get the perspective that matters more than anyone else’s, from the Creator God our Heavenly Father. I use those titles purposefully. What better One to go to for perspective of my current place, than the One who made it come to pass, and is leading me as He loves me? There’s no perspective greater than His. We can trust Him.


“with all thine heart;”


This is where we really trip up. We’ll say, “I trust you, God” but under our breath add, “as far as I’ve been before.” Or we will say in prayer, “Lord, I know you work all things together for good”, but then feel within a trial, “I’ll trust You as long as it feels good for me too”. We cannot afford to trust partially in a God who gave and gives His all for us every moment we breathe. It’s with a whole heart, we come to Him. We come with a broken heart, knowing there’s no better choice than the Mender of Souls.


“lean not unto thine own understanding”


With this closing thought, I hope the point is clear. When we come to God, we trust wholly, and love completely. No perspective will matter more than that of Our Father. No exterior voice will have a say louder than that of Him who made you. Now, I’m not saying don’t listen to those who love you, and want what’s best for you. Not at all. I am simply saying to filter those perspectives through the God that loves you, gave Himself for you, and Father’s us well, always.